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Foveate is a 3D platform built for Spatial Communication. Create interactive presentations, review designs with your team, and get access to 3D Design experts today.

Big Ideas.

Foveate lets you visualize and interact with your ideas in a collaborative 3D environment. Transform your team's workflow, and showcase your products, spaces and designs in every dimension.

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3D Presentations and Pitches

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Interactive Sales

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Design Collaboration

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Previz and Digital Twins

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Augmented Reality

Create Interactive 3D Presentations

Impress your clients with stunning 3D project proposals. Close more deals and drive sales to your business today.

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Review Designs and Collaborate with your team

Share your work in Real-Time 3D on any device with a browser. Use Moments to give feedback on designs, frame views, and guide your audience.

Transform Your Business With Interactive Sales

Create Virtual Showrooms and Interactive Sales Experiences that let your customers explore and deeply understand your product.

Supercharge Your Workflow

Foveate supports over 25+ file formats. Export your assets from popular creative applications and get started quickly.

Easily Create 3D Scenes

Foveate makes it easy to get started making 3D Content, no download or coding required.

Designed for Creative Professionals.

Architects and CAD Modelers

Use 3D Visualization to explain spatial design concepts and align your builders, vendors and project stakeholders.

3D Modelers and Designers

Showcase your work the way it was meant to be seen, in beautiful Real-Time 3D. Foveate was built by 3D Creators for 3D Creators.

Marketing and Sales

Create an engaging and interactive sales pipeline that will impress potential customers and drive more sales to your business.

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Get Custom 3D Designs Delivered Instantly

Foveate Labs offers a monthly 3D Design Subscription for companies that need top-notch creative assets, consulting and other design services delivered quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foveate?

Foveate is a 3D Visualization platform created to help people communicate their spatial ideas. Our platform allows you to make 3D Presentations, Digital Twins and other types of 3D Scenes used for communication in your browser.

What is 3D Visualization?

3D Visualization is the process of using interactive 3D experiences to explain complex ideas. 3D Visualization allows for spatial ideas like architectural designs, blueprints, floor-plans, CAD models and other 3D content to be viewed from every angle.

Why is 3D Visualization Useful?

3D Visualization allows you to simulate and share ideas without building them. Save time and money while designing physical spaces and products and help keep everyone in your project aligned and informed.

What is Real-Time 3D?

Real-Time 3D is a type of 3D Content that can be explored and viewed interactively. Unlike VFX or CGI, 3D models are rendered dynamically and offer the ability for users to explore and understand every part of them.

What industries use 3D Visualization?

Industries that deal with products of scale like Architecture, Real Estate, Engineering, Design, Previz, Marketing and Sales all use 3D Visualization to collaborate on designs and communicate with their clients. We believe that all Industries will eventually catch on.

How much does Foveate Cost?

Foveate is currently in Beta and is free. We will be releasing full pricing sometime later in 2024 with tiers for both individuals and organizations. Contact Us to join our Beta today.

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