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Foveate is a 3D platform built for Spatial Communication. Create Interactive 3D Presentations, Digital Twins, Walkthrough Tours, Product Viewers and more.

Transform Your Ideas Into Interactive 3D Scenes

Create and share 3D scenes with annotations, multimedia, animations, multiplayer and more. Communicate complex ideas to your clients and team with 3D Visualization.

Review Designs and Collaborate with your team

Foveate lets you to present and share spatial ideas. Collaborate with your team on 3D scenes and use our Moments system to annotate and leave comments on specific areas.

Embed and Share Your Work Anywhere

Embed 3D Scenes into other platforms and websites. Start using 3D Visualization in your workflow and create custom branded viewers and experiences.

Big Ideas.

Foveate makes it easy to communicate complex ideas to your team and clients. Transform your workflow and impress your audience with 3D Visualization.

Designed for Visionaries.

We built Foveate to help creators communicate complex ideas to their audience.

Art & Experiential Design

Visualize complex spatial ideas with videos, audio, and animations. Simulate immersive spaces, concerts, galleries, and more.

Architecture & Real Estate

Demonstrate complex spatial ideas and building designs. Use Foveate to review designs and present plans to your team and clients.

Events & Installations

Use Foveate to plan your next big concert, wedding, trade show and more. Coordinate with your vendors and easily make 3D Maps of any space.

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Need 3D Design and Visualization experts?

Foveate Labs offers a monthly 3D Design Subscription for companies that need top-notch creative assets, consulting and other design services delivered quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foveate?

Foveate is a 3D Visualization platform created to help people communicate their spatial ideas. Our platform allows you to make 3D Presentations, Digital Twins and other types of 3D Scenes used for communication.

Why is 3D Visualization Useful?

3D Visualization allows you to simulate and share ideas without building them. Save time and money while designing physical spaces and products and help keep everyone in your project aligned and informed.

What devices can I use Foveate on?

Foveate is a browser-based platform that lets you create and share interactive 3d scenes to anyone on a link. View 3D Scenes a cross multiple devices and easily embed them into other websites.

What is 3D Visualization?

3D Visualization is the process of using interactive 3D experiences to explain complex ideas. 3D Visualization allows for architectural designs, blueprints, floor-plans, CAD models and other 3D content to be viewed from every angle.

How can I upload my work into Foveate?

Foveate supports the most common 2D & 3D file formats. Our 3D Viewer can handle 8K videos, models with up to 16K textures, and millions of polygons. Drag and drop your assets or self-host them on your own servers.

How much does Foveate Cost?

Foveate is currently in Beta and is free. We will be releasing full pricing sometime later in 2024 with tiers for both individuals and organizations. Contact Us to join our Beta today.

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